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21st Century Life

We love meeting with people. It has been our experience, as parents of three active, school age children, and through our close relationships with other parents,that led us to create this exciting concept in upscale family dining.


We realized that there was one common theme among us.  How do we juggle our time between work, our children's sports and after school activities, and yet still have time to plan,cook and sit down for a leisurely family dinner?


According to "Psychology Today", virtually all child psychologists extol the importance of spending quality time together as a family during dinner. At 110 gourmet, we offer a delicious solution to this common dilemma.


Give us a call or drop us a line and let us explain how we can help. We assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Cook or Chef?

There is a difference between being called a COOK or a CHEF. A COOK is a job title that entails the hard work of following recipes.  A CHEF, on the other hand, is a way of life.


Being a CHEF involves the creative skills of experimentation and the ability to innovate and prepare original recipes.  Chefs have achieved their status through years of work in the culinary arts.

At 110 gourmet, we offer a classically trained CHEF that constantly works to create new, exciting and fresh recipes for our client's enjoyment, from your everyday favorites to uniquely delicious new fare.

"Food is my passion! My art is creating a delicious and an exciting menu that will overwhelm your every sense".​

Chef Sazone 


Food Lovers​ Unite

Most people enjoy the stress free environment of going to a fine, upscale restaurant. But reality constrains many to a once a week or less opportunity.


What if there was a new alternative, giving families the fine dining experience all within  the convenience of  home?  No planning or fuss needed. 


110 gourmet is your stress free solution to juggling your busy life and freeing you to relax and enjoy fine family dining once again. 

At 110 gourmet we only use the highest quality ingredients, prepared for you, at value prices.

So, if you love great food, love convenience, and are looking for exciting new choices for your family, please stop by and give 110 gourmet an opportunity to exceed your expectations.

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